Sobre Rodriguez Plumbing

Rodriguez Plumbing Contractors began its operations in 1986, under the leadership of Sr. Angel E. Rodríguez Santiago, master plumber by the Plumbers Association of Puerto Rico, offering services for the installation of plumbing systems, such as; domestic water, sanitary, infrastructure, fire protection and medical gas systems to the construction sectors for residential, educational, healthcare, industrial and commercial construction in Puerto Rico. Realizing each and every one of this works with the highest level of capacity, quality, knowledge and satisfaction for all its customers, designers and contractors.

This company counts with a highly trained personnel in each and every one of this specialties. At the same time knowledgeable on the agencies that regulate them, such as; OSHA – Occupational Health and Safety, A.D.A – American with Disability Act, A.A.A. – Aqueducts and Sewer Authority of Puerto Rico, and others.Our personnel it’s considered to be a team of dedicated, competitive, compromised and experienced individuals in every stage of the construction process, design, construction and product. We specialize in offering the best client service experience in our industry.

Our personnel it’s adequately trained, certified and licensed in the multiple areas of construction;

PLUMBING // INFRASTRUCTURE, we count with licensed master plumbers and official plumbers under the Plumbers Association of Puerto Rico, for the installation of systems such as; potable water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer infrastructures; installation of domestic water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems on the interior of buildings.

FIRE PROTECTION, we count with trained personnel under the NFPA, National Fire Protection Agency, with designers, installers and directors for; NFPA 13, Installation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems, and NFPA 20, Fire Protection Pump Systems.

MEDICAL GAS, we count with certified personnel under the requirements of the NFPA99 Healthcare Facilities Code and its regulating organization, NITC, National Inspection, Testing and Certification Agency in the United States of America, we count with installers and verifiers, for the installation of supply systems for oxygen, nitrogen, nitrogen oxide, vacuum and waste anesthetic gas disposal. Today we as a company have one of the biggest groups of certified personnel in Puerto Rico, 30+, with experience all over hospitals in Puerto Rico.

Rodriguez Plumbing Contractors provides guaranteed services with the maximum customer service satisfaction, quality and excellence to the entire construction industry in Puerto Rico.Rodriguez Plumbing Contractors principal objective, is to be distinguished as a company that provides an excellent client service with maximum product quality, in compliance with the highest construction standards on the construction industry.

In 2013 RPCI broadens its horizons and recognizes the opportunity for corporate growth with the aperture of a subsidiary in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Offering services such as, INFRASTRUCTURE, PLUMBING, MEDICAL GAS & FIRE PROTECTION to the construction industry in the Dominican Republic. With the up most dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism that distinguishes us.Our works on this subsidiary began in July 2014 on Villa Marina Residential in Santo Domingo under the name of, Rodriguez Plumbing Contractors International, LLC.  


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