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With trained and licensed personnel as, masters, officials and auxiliary plumbers under the Plumbers Association of Puerto Rico, for the installations of systems, such as; infrastructural potable water, sanitary and storm sewer systems and for the installation of domestic potable water, sanitary sewer and storm sewer systems for buildings interiors.


Potable Water Underground  Pipes
Potable Water System Pumps
Chlorination Systems for Potable Water Cisterns
and others...

Sanitary Sewer Underground Pipes
Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations / Lifts Stations
Sanitary Sewer Water Treatment Plants
Grease / Oils Traps
and others...

Storm Sewer Underground Pipes
Storm Sewer Systems Pumps
Retention Ponds
Sediment Interceptors
and others...


Domestic Water Piping for Cold and Hot Water Systems
Domestic Water Specialties, for example; re-circulation pumps, thermostatic mixing valves, water softeners, water filters, and others...
Plumbing Fixtures and their Installation
and others...

Sanitary Drain Piping System
Sanitary Specialties, for example; floor drains, elevator sump pumps, neutralization kits, sanitary meter and others...

Storm Sewer Piping System
Rain Leader Installation
Rain Water Harvesting Systems
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